REady for BUSines traka 700

3th scm

The third Steering Committee Meeting of REBUS project was held at the University of Duisburg-Essen, from 16th to 17th November 2017. The Steering Committee Meeting was attended by representatives of the all 14 partners. Steering Comitee Meeting was opened by the the host representatives Esther Winther and Tim Scholze. 

After official opening and warm welcome to all participants, the hosts presented key logistic information regarding the two-day meeting, and Meeting agenda which is adopted. Topics discussed during Steering Comitee Meeting can be summarized as follows:

  • WP 1 (Preparation): Final results and deliverables, eventual gaps to the project application, common understanding of WP results, WP1 closure
  • Feedback on the implementation of the train-the trainer course (results, quality, shortcomings, conclusions)
  • WP 2 (Development): Competence-based entrepreneurship learning approach (incl. validation) – Entrepreneurship competence definition, expected Online learning and networking platform, Validation process guidelines, Pattern for learning project description, Reference systems, Compilation of assessment instruments, Evidencing/certification system, Training of project partners in validation approach.
  • Expectations for incoming period: Draft modules (learning outcomes, methodology, materials), 2 per non-EU partner (18 in total)
  • WP3 (Development): incoming for the next period: Draft staff training packs (learning outcomes, methodology, materials), E-Mentoring of facilitating staff during piloting of Competence-based entrepreneurship learning approach, Five National staff trainings – deciding on implementation periods, review on future activities and expectations from all partners
  • WP4:  Piloting (18 national pilots, 2 per partner), accreditation and certification, training of students in EU universities – tentative dates, participants, durations, responsibilities of hosts and incoming partners to dos and deadlines, review on future activities and expectations from all partners, timing of first EU expert visits during piloting period, pilot documentation and reporting
  • Update on equipment procurement process (incl. confirmation of the REBUS Software licences delivery), discussion and next steps
  • WP6 (Dissemination and exploitation) – non-EU partners obligations towards preparation of 9 Institutional mainstreaming plans and for contributions to Project newsletters; considerations for the first of intended two papers on project activities and results to be published
  • Financial reporting obligations
  • WP5 (Quality plan): Interim process evaluation report
  • Final remarks, Q&A and next meeting dates, Conclusions, tasks & responsibilities, quality evaluation for the SC meeting