REady for BUSines traka 700

01As part of the REBUS project at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of East Sarajevo, a second generation of REBUS students was awarded certificates. Students have successfully completed a course in Entrepreneurship where they have acquired the necessary competencies, knowledge, skills and attitudes. Students expressed satisfaction with their participation in the project and hope that certificates will be of great importance in their employment.

Infoday7First September 2019, the third group of 12 students was admitted to the international master program "International Cooperation in the Forestry and Nature Management" (in Russian) at the Institute of “Forestry and Nature Management” of Volga Tech. The curriculum of the program is designed to train students for the international relations and companies, including three E-learning courses developed within the REBUS project. Important part of their master study is going to be the REBUS Competence-based entrepreneurship learning approach:

Infoday2The Volga State University of Technology is successfully completing the implementation of the international educational project “REBUS"(Ready for BUSinees) of the European Union Erasmus+. One of its goals is to give graduates the opportunity to find themselves in the profession and start their own business. The REBUS project info day was carried out 5-7 June 2019 at the Volga State University of Technology during the international conference “Environmental and Technological Aspects of Monitoring and Reforestation in the Conditions of Climate Change”.

01Universum College organized a training on Integrated Curriculum Development, with an emphasis on encouraging further collaboration between departments within the institution. The foremost objective of the training was to introduce the new faculty to REBUS Project and its application, as well as to encourage cross-departmental collaboration between the staff. Mr. Uran Rraci, who is the Universum College coordinator of REBUS Project conducted a training on Integrated Curriculum Development, encouraging the faculty to identify XXI century skills that students will need and currently could not be obtained by one department only.

Face to Face MeetingCourse "Digital Marketing - Internet Marketer" was held in SibSUTIS in the framework of the REBUS project from April, 08 to May, 31, 2019. The goal of the сourse was formation of entrepreneurial and professional competencies necessary in the field of promotion of goods and services using the Internet and digital technologies. The course was aimed at the competencies being formed: ability to develop and implement marketing programs using the Internet and digital technologies; ability to carry out marketing research using the Internet and digital technologies.