REady for BUSines traka 700

Project activities and methodologiesThe project is consisting of seven work packages:

WP 1 Preparation: Research and needs analysis

WP 2 Development: Competence-based entrepreneurship learning approach (incl. validation)

WP 3 Development: Training and counselling of HE staff

WP 4 Development: Piloting the Competence-based entrepreneurship learning approach (inlc. Validation) of competence developments, accreditation and certification

WP 5 Quality Plan

Aima nad objectivesAs transition countries from state regulated towards market economy, Western Balkan countries and Russia, as a heritage from the former political system have a high level of resistance to private initiatives and entrepreneurship. EU partners will give strong support to address a challenge of bringing entrepreneurship into HEIs, establishing also a cooperation network of EU and partnering countries.

Priorities1Project intends to support development of key competences for employability that will guarantee more flexibility in the labor force and allow to adapt more quickly to constant changes in an increasingly interconnected world. Entrepreneurship is foreseen as major factor in innovation, productivity and competitiveness and entrepreneurship training modules and competence validation system will be piloted, evaluated and mainstreamed into existing curricula in ICT and engineering study programmes. 

Summaray of the projectIntegrating and validating practical entrepreneurship skills in engineering and ICT studies

European business sector pays an ever more increasing attention to competences such as sense of initiative and entrepreneurship.  The recommendation 2006/962/EC on key competences for lifelong learning highlights paramount importance of these key competences for employability.