REady for BUSines traka 700

01Universum College organized a training on Integrated Curriculum Development, with an emphasis on encouraging further collaboration between departments within the institution. The foremost objective of the training was to introduce the new faculty to REBUS Project and its application, as well as to encourage cross-departmental collaboration between the staff. Mr. Uran Rraci, who is the Universum College coordinator of REBUS Project conducted a training on Integrated Curriculum Development, encouraging the faculty to identify XXI century skills that students will need and currently could not be obtained by one department only.

02During the training, it was unanimously agreed that it is profoundly important for students to develop hard-skills, as well as the necessary soft-skills that are required in different working environments. Moreover, the faculty agreed to encourage students to continue to use Level 5 to validate their skills, therefore, providing them with an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage within the workforce. In order to ensure the sustainability of the project, the faculty will undertake the necessary measures to inform potential employers about Level 5 and how it could be used when recruiting students from Universum College.