REady for BUSines traka 700

01 6th SCMThe sixth REBUS project Steering Committee meeting was hosted by European University of Tirana (EUT), in Tirana Albania during April 11-13, back to back to the International Conference “Albanian Studies Days 2019” and during the same week when EUT organized also International Fair.

01 SCM5The fifth REBUS project Steering Committee meeting was hosted by University of Montenegro in Podgorica, during November 7-9. Back to back, the follow up event was organized, aiming to evaluate results of piloting activities implemented and lessons learnt in the national implementations of REBUS: highlights, implementation challenges and future perspectives. Partners’ feedback was assessed and joint evaluation on key aspects of the REBUS programme was made, relating to its content (is it adequate, useful, complete), methodology (what worked well, what didn’t, what could partners learn from each other), project prepared online resources (have they been used and at what extent, what still needs to be done), so as on sustainability (REBUS integration at partner universities).

01 SC meeting in Palermo

The fourth REBUS project Steering Committee meeting was hosted by University of Palermo, during May 24-25. Project partners have repeatedly confirmed their commitment to the project with active participation in the meeting, whose topics varied from discussing content of face-to-face units (courses), contents of e-learning and self-learning units, potential student learning projects, to contents of expected students' visits to EU Universities.

3th scm

The third Steering Committee Meeting of REBUS project was held at the University of Duisburg-Essen, from 16th to 17th November 2017. The Steering Committee Meeting was attended by representatives of the all 14 partners. Steering Comitee Meeting was opened by the the host representatives Esther Winther and Tim Scholze.