REady for BUSines traka 700

01 SCM5The fifth REBUS project Steering Committee meeting was hosted by University of Montenegro in Podgorica, during November 7-9. Back to back, the follow up event was organized, aiming to evaluate results of piloting activities implemented and lessons learnt in the national implementations of REBUS: highlights, implementation challenges and future perspectives. Partners’ feedback was assessed and joint evaluation on key aspects of the REBUS programme was made, relating to its content (is it adequate, useful, complete), methodology (what worked well, what didn’t, what could partners learn from each other), project prepared online resources (have they been used and at what extent, what still needs to be done), so as on sustainability (REBUS integration at partner universities).

The Steering Committee meeting started immediately after follow up event ended, main target was to clarify all remaining tasks and to mitigate or minimize eventual risks. Students’ visit to EU universities, implemented during September 2018 with visits to Essen, Graz and Palermo, were evaluated and found to be highlights of the programme, with very high results and with boosting students’ enthusiasm. Nevertheless, it would be hard to achieve sustainability of post-project implementation of similar visits, so alternative modes for joint work of students from different universities, developing thus their intercultural competencies and upgrading their attitude and commitment, will be addressed.

Work Package leaders also presented clear instructions for all partners on remaining tasks and individual responsibilities till the end of the project, underlining tasks in next 3-4 months. Next Steering Committee meeting was agreed to be organized in Tirana, in April 2018 (date still to be decided, to avoid several holiday periods in partner countries during April or eventually May), back-to-back with the International Conference hosted by European University of Tirana, where REBUS will have own presentation too.