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Mechanical Engineering Faculty Sarajevo (MEF) has more than 55 years of tradition in higher education and provision of technical support to local development. It is leading Bosnia and Herzegovina higher education and research institution in providing educational, training and technical support within its scope of work in engineering. MEF has highly qualified lecturers and researchers and it is independent and widely recognized as a reliable partner with other higher education, research institutions or businesses.

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MEF provides study programmes at all three levels of study, namely Bachelor, Master and Doctorates, in line with the Bologna Charter criteria. MEF has experience with participation in EU funded projects like Tempus or Framework Programme projects, but also in management of projects funded by international support. These projects relate to areas such as developing and establishing new internationally recognized MSc and PhD study programs, so as advancing capacities in education, research, innovation and exploitation of knowledge in the area of sustainable energy and environmental management, renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, cleaner production, climate change, waste management, environmental management, environmental infrastructure and technologies, industrial policy development and other.

MEF’s extensive experience in tailored training and formalized education is beneficiary for preparation of effective knowledge transfers, all based on responsible research and innovations. MEF’s experts have vast experience in research, policy analysis and policy development based on extensive public consultations.

MEF’s objective is to become national leader in promoting responsible and inclusive research and innovations targeting economic but also social and cultural development of local communities and advancing their capacities on the road to EU inclusion. Such objective is directly related to development of entrepreneurship and innovation skills among the students and establishing permanent links of the study programmes and research with the society needs and labour market. In that sense MEF is particularly interested in creation of successful partnership with other similar higher education institutions, in the Western Balkans region as in the whole Europe.