REady for BUSines traka 700

UMNEFaculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Montenegro realized a meeting with students, participants at the Rebus project. During the meeting were presented all future activities in the field of entrepreneurship which are in relation with Rebus project. There were also given presentation about Rebus approach and Entrepreneurial Engineering and innovations. Within these course students were introduced to the concept of entrepreneurship. We made analysis of needed additional training courses in relation with future activities in Rebus project and in relation with the student’s current knowledge obtained through some courses that is in relation with entrepreneurial learning.

According that, students will improve their personal entrepreneurial skills and competences.Students are divided into teams, according their skills and knowledge, and each team were defined topic for future research. In addition, we plan to realize meetings very frequently, to give additional lectures, in order to improve student’s entrepreneurial skills and to analyze results of their team’s work.

Students with the best results will be participants in additional training that will be held at the University of Palermo.