REady for BUSines traka 700

sigla muntenegruNew teaching programs and syllabus at the University of Montenegro, were accredited in 2017. Bachelor studies according these teaching programs and syllabus were started with the school year 2017/18, while master studies are planned for the beginning at the school year 2020/21.

The reorganization at the University of Montenegro, enabled creation of the completely new teaching course called: Innovation and Competitiveness on the Bachelor study program called “Traffic road” at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Podgorica. The course is mostly designed on the basis of information available through the application and work on the Rebus project. The ECTS catalogue of the course, created on that way, was entered into the accreditation of all study programs at the University of Montenegro, completed on 2017. Professor who created the ECTS catalogue is a member of the working team at the Rebus project.
Lectures according course Innovation and competitiveness will start in winter semester of the school year 2018/19. Until the start of the winter semester additional adaptation of te course will be made in accordance with the new knowledge gained through the Rebus project.
The ECTS catalogue of the course is on the link.