REady for BUSines traka 700

Megafone promotionAll partners have conducted promotion the project at their institutions. Some of the reports from promotional meetings are below.

University of Montenegro, MNE

National Erasmus + info day was realized in Podgorica-Montenegro in organization of National Erasmus+office Montenegro. There were more than 70 participants, mostly professors and students from all universities in Montenegro. Prof. Jelena Jovanovic gave presentation about Rebus project. At the very beginning, she presented how the idea of the project was born. After that she talked about aims and objectives of the project.

She presented all participants on the project with special focus on the role of University of Montenegro in the project. There also were presented all working packages. Each working package was specially discussed. In the end of presentation she talked about budget of the project. Participants, mostly students, expressed interests in the project’s activities especially on activities focused on self – employment of students.

Promotion MNG

Volga State University of Technology, Russia

The Information day of the Erasmus+ Rebus project took place in Volga Tech on 1 March 2017. The event was carried out during the traditional meeting of the University staff and students regarding the international collaboration activities. Prof. Eldar Kurbanov (contact person in REBUS from Volga Tech) made presentation about the REBUS objectives and activities. The project will provide excellent internship opportunity for the staff and students in the partner Universities of the Rebus consortium. The info day participants expressed their high interest on the comprehensive cooperation in the realization of the Rebus project by the interpenetrating of the accumulated experience in the universities of Russia and EU during the mobility and retraining.

Volga State Uni