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Face to Face MeetingCourse "Digital Marketing - Internet Marketer" was held in SibSUTIS in the framework of the REBUS project from April, 08 to May, 31, 2019. The goal of the сourse was formation of entrepreneurial and professional competencies necessary in the field of promotion of goods and services using the Internet and digital technologies. The course was aimed at the competencies being formed: ability to develop and implement marketing programs using the Internet and digital technologies; ability to carry out marketing research using the Internet and digital technologies.

The course contained 5 themes, quizzes, 3 practical assignments, 3 points of validation and assessment. The course students conceived, developed and presented new venture projects on the Internet. An important component of the course was LEVEL5 - self-assessment methodology of REBUS. Technical support of the course was provided via Mahara, Mirapolis, Moodle and social networks. There were also face-to-face classes and live video streams. Course volume was 144 hours.

The program of the course included the study of the following topics: marketing strategy development; market research; сhannels and methods of promotion in the digital environment; resource management in digital marketing; development and presentation of own projects. The practical part of the course was analyzing the usability of sites, creating and filling communities in social networks, video presentations of communities. Thus, the students ' projects were comprehensive strategies to promote goods and services on the Internet and digital environment.

21 students completed the course "Digital Marketing - Internet Marketer". 18 students received certificates in LEVEL 5.

Capture of the Course Webinar

The course was developed and conducted by SibSUTIS' Associate Professor, REBUS Trainer Dmitry Kaznacheev. Administration of the course was carried out by Senior Specialist in International Relations at SibSUTIS, Member of the REBUS Project Ekaterina Meteleva. The general management was conducted by the Director of the Center of Retraining of Specialists, Member of the REBUS Project Boris Kruk.

Сourse "Digital Marketing - Internet Marketer" contributed to deeper integration of REBUS methodology of entrepreneurial learning in the educational process at SibSUTIS.

Face to Face Meeting