REady for BUSines traka 700

IMG 20190711 WA0053From 8 to 12 July as part of the international European project Erasmus+ REBUS in SibSUTIS the coursework for students of Innovative University of Eurasia (InEU) from Pavlodar city (Kazakhstan) was arranged on the course of building entrepreneurial competencies “Android application programming”. Students who successfully completed the competitive stage at their university took part in the mobility. “Blended learning” methodology was used in the framework of the course in order to successfully implement the mobility and subject mastery.

The workload of the course contained 180 hours (5 ECTS credits). The building entrepreneurial competencies course “Android application programming” was developed by the Senior Lecturer of the Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics Department I.V. Nechta. The student’s coursework consisted of two learning stages: the first learning stage of education was distance and it was held from 15 April to 28 June. 48 InEU students studied educational learning material in the online information educational environment MOODLE, did laboratory researches concerning ‘Calculator application’ ‘Game application Bug’ ‘Unity 3D ’ and passed tests, worked with databases, created game applications, got opinions on webinars. The second learning stage was face- to- face and it was held from 8 to 12 July. Students from InEU arrived in Novosibirsk to complete the face-to-face stage. During the second stage students attended lecture course consisted of “Lightning in OPEN GL” and “Shader processor” themes, did learning activities, defenced their course papers and successfully passed the final exam. All students were given SibSUTIS’s certificates at the end of the course. According to lecturer I.V. Nechta, students had showed not only the extreme level of interest and hard-working, but top results during their studying and course paper defence.

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InEU students noticed that participation in such kind of project left an unforgettable impression and gave an important experience. Therefore, student Nurligali Baikenov said that participation in such kind of course was an extremely important part of his life, as for new knowledge and skills, they would be used on further education and professional self-development. Daniyar Daniyarov, while sharing his impression, noticed that the course was fascinating and cognitive for the whole group of students. Boys plan to use and active develop all new skills and experience in the future. Kazakh students mentioned the high level of the Senior Lecturer I.V. Nechta competence, excellent quality of educational material and expressed gratitude for the organization and conduction of the course.

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While staying in Novosibirsk students from Pavlodar had time not only for studying, receiving new knowledge and skills, but also have had a chance to see our city. Our guests visited the zoo, Aquapark, Novosibirsk State Art Museum, Academic Town, Novosibirsk Reservoir, malls and parks of our city. Students didn’t hide their impression of staying in Novosibirsk, while they were interviewing. They were impressed not only by the immensity and architecture , but the pleasant atmosphere. Munira Bakaeva, the head of the group, admitted that boys had a real culture shock. Our Kazakh guests expressed readiness and willingness for the further deeping of cooperation, assistance in programmes development and active dialogue for the purpose of setting and achieving new goals.