REady for BUSines traka 700

Erasmus Projects at Universitiy of MNGThe Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Montenegro gave exposure to their activities, in the period before and during the enrollment of students for their first year of studies. The faculty did it in order to gain as many quality students as possible. In accordance with that, the faculty also gave exposure to their involvement in 3 Erasmus + projects.

These projects are:

  • REBUS- REady for BUSiness - Integrating and validating practical entrepreneurship skills in engineering and ICT studies
  • eVIVA-Enhancing and Validating servIce related competences in Versatile learning environments in Western BAlkan Universities
  • TrafSaf- Improving the Traffic Safety in the Western Balkan Countries through Curriculum Innovation and Development of Undergraduate and Master Studies

Information about the involvement of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Montenegro, in Erasmus projects can be found on the portal „Naučne novosti“ (eng. Science News), and on the web site of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. You can find it on following links:

Same information is also published in a very popular daily newspaper called Pobjeda, together with information about enrollment of students at the University of Montenegro. Here, you can find the link about the information in daily newspaper Pobjeda:,%2027.%20jun%202019