REady for BUSines traka 700

Monitoring 13 05 5The monitoring visit within the framework of Erasmus+ programs conducted by Dr. Anna Muraveva – Deputy Director of National Erasmus+ Office in Russia took place on April 19, 2019 at Volga State University of Technology. This event is an important element in the program's policy on the integrated assessment of the implementation of European Union projects in universities of the Russian Federation.

The purpose of the visit was to assess the activities carried out and the results obtained, as well as to discuss issues related to the implementation of projects at Volgatech. In particular, Erasmus+ project “REady for BUSiness - Integrating and validating practical entrepreneurship skills in engineering and ICT studies” (REBUS) and Credit Mobility Projects with University of Applied Sciences Mittweida and Danubius University were reviewed in detail. In general, Volgatech carries out five international Erasmus + projects.

The meeting with the representative of Moscow office of Erasmus+ was attended by staff and students of the University, who took part in the projects and went on internships and workshops in the European partner universities of projects. Professor Branko Vucijak, REBUS project coordinator (University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina) also participated in the monitoring via Skype.

During the interview with employees and students of Volgatech, the progress of the implementation of all working packages of the REBUS project was considered in depth. The expert noted the high level of the achieved results, student projects in the field of entrepreneurship, as well as the software (Mahara and Level-5) on self-estimation and evaluation of entrepreneurial competencies received from the German colleagues. Credit Mobility projects have also received a positive assessment on the monitoring results. The expert also made constructive comments on the developed E-learning courses and reporting documents on quality assessment by the whole consortium of the project.

At the end of the visit, Anna Muraveva met with Viktor Shebashev, Rector of Volgatech and Igor Petukhov, Vice-rector for university complex development. During this meeting, the preliminary results of the monitoring in the Volgatech were summed up.