REady for BUSines traka 700

Albania 13 05 1The final coordination meeting and conference of ERASMUS+ project "REady for BUSiness - Integrating and validating practical entrepreneurship skills in engineering and ICT studies” (REBUS) was held at the European University of Tirana, which was attended by the staff of Volgatech. Representatives of universities from Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, as well as the European project partners from Austria, Germany and Italy, gathered in Tirana. The meeting was also attended by representatives of the national office of ERASMUS + and the business firms of Albania.

The working group of Volgatech and colleagues from the Siberian State University of telecommunications and Informatics (Novosibirsk) represented Russian partners of the project. Eldar Kurbanov, head of Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, Alexey Fominykh, head of International Programs and Project Office and Oleg Vorobiev, Associate Professor of Forestry and Forest Management Department took part in the meeting and conference on behalf of Volgatech.

The main attention of the consortium during the meeting was given to discussion of the implementation of project work packages, reporting documentation and preparation of the final report in EACEA. Professor Tim Scholz introduced the level-5 system to the participants to test entrepreneurial competencies acquired by students within the REBUS project.

Project coordinator Professor Branko Vucijak reminded all participants about the obligations of information days in all universities of project. The information day on the Rebus project is scheduled to be held on June 5, 2019 during the international conference. Project participants discussed the possibility of continuing the project in 2020. It was agreed to submit a new application in the same consortium to EACEA after receiving an expert opinion on the completed project.

REBUS partners also participated in the international conference "Knowledge society: assessment and forecasts", held at the European University of Tirana. Alexey Fominykh, Associate Professor, Head of International Programs and Projects Office of Volgatech submitted a report at the event and spoke about the concept "Student-centered learning". This new direction in the training of students was actively developed in the framework of the REBUS project along with blended learning. The presentation was positively accepted both by the participants of the panel discussion and by the whole audience.