REady for BUSines traka 700

00 SibSUTIS Rebus Info DayOn 25-26 April, 2019 SibSUTIS welcomed talented young researchers, teachers, outstanding students as well as representatives of small and medium business and headhunting companies at the Science Days. The first day was entirely devoted to the REBUS project. A big report was prepared by the REBUS team and made by Professor Boris Kruk on the role of Self-assessment of Learning Outcomes in developing Entrepreneurial Competences of SibSUTIS students.

The authors told about the large-scale pedagogical experiment encompassing 9 universities and more than 500 participants from 5 countries. After the report our speaker responded to multiple questions asked by the interested public.

In the frames of the Info Day the project team designed and printed 200 copies of leaflets describing the principal goals and objectives of REBUS, its main strengths and successful implementation at international and institutional levels. They were distributed to the participants of the plenary session. Furthermore, a lot of students attracted by new entrepreneurial courses of the REBUS project also took these leaflets to get more information and learn about the project.

More than 200 guests took part in the REBUS Info Day. In particular, among those invited to attend the Science Days were members of the Novosibirsk City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, administration and ministries of the region. A large percentage of SibSUTIS alumni was constituted by people working in the fields of IT and telecommunications.