REady for BUSines traka 700

opening of COMETaDuring November 27-30 REBUS project partner Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of East Sarajevo, organized its fourth International Conference named "Conference on Mechanical Engineering Technologies and Applications“ or COMETa 2018, which main task is increasing the competitiveness of the economy in the region ( Conference aims to contribute to the implementation of new technologies in production processes through the implementation of better cooperation between research institutions and businesses and facilitate the application of research results displayed by papers which will be published during the Conference. 

Conference Proceedings included even 112 papers of aouthors coming from 12 different countries. Six of these papers were submitted by representatives of REBUS project partners, and there were discussed at the sessions moderated by the REBUS project coordinator prof. Vučijak, together with other papers having similar focus. After the sessions additional Workshop: REBUS - Development of Entrepreneurial Competencies in the Higher Education was organized and also moderated by prof. Vučijak, with representatives of both HEIs and businesses.

During the workshop key messages of the REBUS project were disseminated, participants were introduced with the achieved results, but also discussed still unresloved issues like tools for building students’ attitude as one of the competence axes, or introducing topics considered as not being engineering ones (as example communication skills) into the curricula of engineering and ICT studies. New ideas were discussed and high level of concensus was achieved that the REBUS project focuses to really existing gaps in graduates’ competencies.

Since the Conference had quite a large number of participants, this is was also a good opportunirty to organize a National info day – for this purpose special stand was made, with two students providing information on the REBUS project and also delivering promotional gadgets (notes, pencils, leaflets). They were supported by prof. Orašanin from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of East Sarajevo and with prof. Vučijak for provision of more detailed information on the REBUS project, in combination with the formerly mentioned workshop results of these dissemination activities were fully adequate.