REady for BUSines traka 700

00 SibSUTIS SVThe students who had successfully completed the course “Digital Entrepreneurship” at the Siberian State University of Telecommunications and Information Sciences applied their knowledge during the Study Visit at the FH JOANNEUM University, Graz within the frames of the ERASMUS+ project “Ready for BUSiness”.

Identifying and developing the entrepreneurial and intercultural competences in engineering and ICT studies became the highest priority of this course. The key component of the training held at SibSUTIS was the project design of applications, sites and business-process management projects which were later submitted to the Commission. When presenting projects the students demonstrated their competitive advantage, market relevance, potential commercial benefit, and also showed their ability speak English publicly. In accordance with the final score the Commission chose 13 best students who would continue their training at FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences, Austria, from 16 to 28 September.

The first day of the Study Visit was opened by the welcome speech of the Head of the Institute of International Management Prof. Doris Kiendl, and also introductory remarks of the project Curator Bojan Jovanovski and representatives of the partner universities. The International projects Coordinator Rupert Beinhauer explained to students the substance of the following work with cases of real companies, such as Nuki (speaker Clarissa Morales), EPUmatch (speaker Rainer v. Leoprechting), FH Zwickau (video introduction).  At the end of the first day, students took a tour of FH JOANNEUM University.

On the second day all students were divided into mixed study groups: the representatives of Sibsutis teamed up with students from Austria, Albania and Kosovo. A preliminary work plan was developed as well as teamwork objectives that were clearly formulated. The third day was dedicated to the cultural program: a visit to the Museum and City Hall of Graz, sightseeing tours of Graz, rich in historical and architectural monuments, and its surroundings.

On the fourth day students went to the neighboring town Kapfenberg, where they had an interesting opportunity to visit an experimental laboratory - Smart Lab of FH JOANNEUM. After a short overview, students engaged in analytic investigation: they were to define the prospect of implementing the latest technologies in traditional spheres of human activity. As a result of this day every team made a creative presentation.

The fifth day included the students’ visit to the experimental Testing Laboratory for Vehicles of the University and the case study teamwork. This dat was also marked by a field trip to the rock Eggenberg.

The whole following week was devoted to the teamwork, the outcomes of which are actually available on the Mahara platform. The students’ investigations resulted in case solutions that were presented by each study group on September 28. Finally, the expert jury selected winners who were awarded with special certificates; not only these people received their award, but all participants who had successfully completed the training and presented the solutions were got their diploma.

Therefore, 13 students of the Siberian State University of Telecommunications and Information Sciences participated in the REBUS project Study Visit and were awarded by certificates authorizing the professional activity in the field of entrepreneurship in EU States.