REady for BUSines traka 700

00 study visit at the University


 The undergraduate Master students from the "International cooperation in ecology and nature management" programme took part in international study visit at the University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany). This was possible thanks to the participation of Volga Tech in the international EU programme ERASMUS+ "Integrating and validating practical entrepreneurship skills in engineering and ICT studies" (RеBUS).

Volga Tech students had 10 days of intense learning.  They worked in international teams, studied various aspects of entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity in relation to their field of knowledge. The educational interaction within the groups and with the coordinator was based on the principles of design thinking - the methodology of creative, rather than analytical solutions for engineering, business and other vitally important spheres. Every day of the study week was devoted to one stage of design thinking: emphasize-design – ideate – prototype and test. Eventually students presented their developed, elaborated and tested idea. Volga Tech undergraduates participated in the preparation and public defense  of three projects, one of which, the "Eco-Museum", won a special prize in the nomination "The best project documentation". According to the feedback from the participants, they learned a lot of new and interesting things that they would use in their further work and studies. Something, that initially seemed impossible or unrealistic, was gradually turned into real, almost ready-to-sell products.

Students share their experience from participation in the ReBUS project:

Regina Muzurova

The study visit in Germany in the framework of the ReBUS project impressed me by its nonstandard approach to training. Getting to know the design thinking method changed my attitude in entrepreneurship, as well as in everyday life. Daily brainstorming evoked a wide range of emotions. We were learning to think in a creative way, to work in a team, to react quickly to the tasks. The atmosphere was friendly, it seemed like a game, there was respect and understanding and no rivalry at all between the teams. I personally got great work and communication experience, obtained new knowledge and discovered new opportunities, made new friends and great memories. I’m very thankful to Volga Tech administration for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

Anastasiia Zorina

 We have gained a great experience during this study visit –we looked at the world from another perspective, we got to communicate with international students. Participation in the ReBUS project made me feel confident in everything I was doing, I felt I had the right capacity. The project helped me understand what I wanted to achieve in the future and in what direction I should proceed in order to achieve my goals. I think that the ideating methodology that was used during the study visit may be used in various areas of our lives – in studies, at work, in everyday life. When I returned home, I realized that I became more focused, started setting clear objectives for myself and address them without any hesitation or delay. I began to analyze all my actions and draw conclusions - this is exactly what we learned in the classroom, and now I apply it in my everyday life and already see the positive results. I want to express my sincere thanks to the organizers of this project!

Irina Golovenkina
Ten days of training at the University of Duisburg-Essen helped me deepen my knowledge, change my thinking and views on some issues regarding the search and implementation of the ideas. New methods of teamwork, international communication, new experience, knowledge, skills all together created valuable and unforgettable experience!

Bekmurat Abdikairov
The study visit made a lasting impression on me. While communicating with different people, I learned their culture, language and traditions. The participants of the project were students of three universities from different countries, they were divided into 5 groups, each took an active part in the educational process. I have gained valuable experience working in a team, when every team member fulfills his/her role in a group. At first, during the ideating stage we considered several projects. From a few projects originally initiated we gradually selected only one, which became the focus of our attention. Every team member contributed his/her fair share to project development.

Olga Riabchikova
Thanks to the project we were lucky to have our study visit in Germany, in a beautiful and quiet city of Essen. This expanded our horizons, we learned a lot of new and interesting things. We were working in international teams, where we studied different aspects of entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity. We based our work on a design thinking method which involved suggesting ideas that were difficult to implement, but our great curators guided us in the right direction. Together with them we have chosen a great topic for our business project. We prepared presentations, elaborated models, were excited and worried to present them to other groups, as we wanted everything to be on top level. In my opinion, each of us in this project opened up a new way, looked at oneself from an unexpected perspective... We made great friends with students from the University of East Sarajevo and Universum College, we taught each other our traditions, customs and language. I would like to thank Volga Tech for the opportunity to participate in such an event.

Mamurjon Saidmurodzoda
The trip to Germany met my expectations. A new country, a new town, new knowledge, new acquaintances, different culture... All together provided me with a great life experience. I saw and learned a lot of new and interesting things. We worked in an international team together with students from Pristina and Sarajevo. We quickly found a common language with them and worked on our project during and after our classes. We exchanged contacts in order to continue our communication after the study visit is over. All the communication in a classroom was in English. I also used my knowledge of German to communicate in the city. The city, though small, is very bright and interesting. People are very friendly. I am very glad that Volga Tech gave me an opportunity to participate in this project, to become a part of the team. In Essen I had lifetime memories and experience.

Zhanna Aleksandrova
It was my first trip abroad, a lot of impressions and emotions, new knowledge and acquaintances! For me, this study visit has become a special chapter of my life. A very interesting program that united several countries, taught teamwork and communication... By the end of my studies, I made certain conclusions for my future and realized my mistakes in the past. I am very grateful for the opportunity to travel and to develop!

For sure, the participation in such projects allows students to learn and put into practice new methods, technologies, approaches, but what is more important, interaction with students from other countries, search for a common solution to the difficulties arising within interaction, working in a team altogether contribute to the establishment of friendly relations between young people, and therefore, to some extent, between the countries involved.  For 40 students who took part in the ReBUS project, the world will never be the same again – it has become friendlier and more interesting!