REady for BUSines traka 700

00 News PalermoStudents of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of University of Sarajevo came back from two-weeks study visit to the University of Palermo, Italy. Total of 15 students, together with 15 students of University of Elbasan and 14 students of University of Montenegro, participated in intensive and practical hands-on training on selection and substantiating of the business development ideas, connecting design thinking and project management, using project management tools, value analyses method for 4 criteria: innovation, desirability, feasibility and viability (economy) of ideas, developing prototype case in which groups further highlight specific elements of their project, developing pitch presentation.

And all of that is practiced by mixed work groups of participants of all three visiting universities, strengthening their intercultural team work competencies.

Part of the study visit was also self and peer assessment of the two targeted entrepreneurship competencies (Competence to Spot Ideas and Opportunities, and Intercultural Teamwork Competence). Whole training was excellently organized by the hosting University of Palermo, students’ experiences and memories are unforgettable!