REady for BUSines traka 700

 kolegji universumOn August 29th, 2018, a crew of Klan Kosova TV crew followed the journey of Universum College students to training at University of Duisburg Essen, which is organized as part of REBUS Project financed by EU.

Universum College students spoke about the importance of this training and what they are expecting to learn as well. They also emphasized the significance of visiting another country and meeting students from different country.

Arberita Beka, student at Universum College, said that this training will be very beneficial because they are very young and in this age they have the opportunity to attend a training at an international university.

Such projects, according to Armend Berisha, Head of International Relations and professor at Universum College, are aimed at starting new businesses in Kosovo. During these days in training, our students by working with students from other countries will generate business ideas and then with the help of professors from these universities, these business ideas will advance further by preparing business plans.

For the professors of Duisburg-Essen University, the exchange of ideas between students from different countries is very important. Tim Scholze, the coordinator of this training, said that this will be a good opportunity for common international experiences to learn how entrepreneurship works in Europe. This week they will focus on how to design the project ideas and this by working with international teams and ultimately having an idea of how to create their own projects.

During this visit, students were able to carry-on projects which were real and could be used by the society to better their lives.