REady for BUSines traka 700

00 UES TrainingFaculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of East Sarajevo began a course of Entrepreneurial Engineering. Within this course students will be introduced to the concept of entrepreneurship, all stages in development of the successful business idea with a special focus on creativity and technological innovation. In addition, students will also improve their personal skills and competences: the originality in the development and application of entrepreneurial ideas, the ability to analyze and critically evaluate ideas, the ability to integrate knowledge and complex approach, make decisions based on incomplete data, communication skills, self-learning capacity, capacity to apply knowledge in practice, ability to adapt themselves to the situations and work in a team. The final output from the course is the creation of a business plan.

09For the German partners REBUS is a lighthouse project since it offers the opportunity to merge a number of high quality projects e.g. the EntreComp conceptual model, the LEVEL5 system and forerunner projects like EDUCCKATE or PROMOTE to create a substantiated and innovative learning and validation approach.

For the University of Duisburg-Essen also the trainers’ training offered a great opportunity for international networking and the connection to the “Innovation factory” which all European trainers enjoyed a lot.

UET newDuring the beginning of 2018, the staff involved in REBUS project from UET, presented and disseminated project results so far at the Department level. Such presentation aimed to inform the staff about the progress of the project so far and receive professional feedback by the experts. The presentation was done by Prof. Ermira Qosja and Ketrina Cabiri, project manager at UET. This project is lead by University of Sarajevo and funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

VTnews3During March 2018, the REBUS project participants of Volga Tech carried out several presentations for students of the specialties "Forestry", "Ecology and Nature Management", and "Landscape Architecture" of the Institute of “Forest and Nature Management”. During the presentations, bachelors and masters were acquainted with the main activities of the project, opportunities for participation in mobility in European Universities and training courses in the field of entrepreneurship within the taught master's disciplines.

infosfera sibsutis newsIn the March issue of the magazine “INFOSFERA” an article “SibSUTIS in REBUS project. Students are getting prepared for business” was published. The article describes the content of the project, project activities, conducted researches, and monitoring visit of the NEO commission to Novosibirsk.