REady for BUSines traka 700

00 Rebus first testRebus first test students who are candidates for training in Palermo was realized on June 25, 2018. The test was realized in office, which is equipped with computers through the Rebus project. The students are informed about criteria for the selection of candidates for training in Palermo. Criteria for selection are:

- knowledge shown on today's test

- Activities with training realized in the previous period as part of the Rebus project

- Activities on creating your own presentations

- Project development activities

00 Presentation of Rebus at EATEL summer schoolThe European Association of Technology Enhanced Learning (EATEL) is hosting this Summer School 2018 with students and staff in the field of information technology, in cooperation with UET. Summer School is taking place in Durrës and this year's theme is Technology Enhanced Learning (JTELSS). EATEL is one of the leading European organizations in this field. The Rebus Erasmus + project was presented as a success story based on its core focus on validating the competences of IT students.

00 Europe Day in AlbaniaOn the occasion of the Europe Day, the EU Delegation to Albania organized a special event and under the stand of education and culture REBUS project was selected as success story project to be presented. 

Both European University of Tirana and University of Elbasan were present at the event and disseminated project promotion materials printed and prepared by University of Elbasan. 

Information is also distributed with the social media, example can be found at

UMNEFaculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Montenegro realized a meeting with students, participants at the Rebus project. During the meeting were presented all future activities in the field of entrepreneurship which are in relation with Rebus project. There were also given presentation about Rebus approach and Entrepreneurial Engineering and innovations. Within these course students were introduced to the concept of entrepreneurship. We made analysis of needed additional training courses in relation with future activities in Rebus project and in relation with the student’s current knowledge obtained through some courses that is in relation with entrepreneurial learning.

00 MNE HPP VisitManagement of The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering recognized the importance of introducing practical lessons in order to encourage creative thinking of students and their entrepreneurial spirit. Accordingly, in the framework of the realization of practical teaching, students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering are visited the Piva hydropower plant on 17.04.2018. Students were led by Uros Karadzic, Vice-Dean for teaching, who is also a member of the Rebus working team.