REady for BUSines traka 700

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In organization of the Faculty of Computer Sciences of “Kadri Zeka” University was organized the promotion of the new Informatics laboratory with computer equipments donation from REBUS Project.

There were professors and students from all the faculties of “Kadri Zeka” University and local and national media. Prof. Xhevdet Thaqi gave presentation about Rebus project activities, objectives and research, and the new computer equipments. Prof. Thaqi presented the role of “Kadri Zeka” University in the project and there also was presented WP4 - Piloting the Competence based entrepreneurship learning approach of competence developments, accreditation and certification.

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REBUS project was presented on the TV program "SOT" (eng. "Today"), which was broadcasted on 18 of April 2018 on Koha TV (KTV).

The activities within REBUS project in the “Kadri Zeka” University was presented by prof.asoc.dr. Xhevdet Thaqi.

Prof. Thaqi explain the implementation and management strategy in order to reach the project's objectives, and the progress made in the project's implementation in the University “Kadri Zeka” in Gjilan.

sigla muntenegruThe Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Montenegro has published a brochure in order to promote the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The brochure provides a brief description of the Erasmus + Rebus project and future activities which will be realized at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering through Rebus Plan of activities. There is also presented plan of trainings students of University of Montenegro, in the field of entrepreneurship, in Palermo - Italy.

00 EUTRebus project has been featured in the National Newspaper in Albania focusing on the validation process of Albanian students' entrepreneurial skills. The article emphasizes the focus of the project, which  is on entrepreneurship, the measurement of entrepreneurial competences, enabling students to obtain a diploma, besides the diploma, to certify their competencies in the venture but also other competencies necessary in a knowledge society and information. In the framework of the Rebus project, the European University of Tirana has started the preparatory phase of the selection of students who will be part of the study visit at the University of Graz, Austria, and will become part of business projects and a competition with two universities other, part of this project. The methodology in which the whole Rebus project is set up has been preliminary part of the subject "Introduction to Business", which is adapting its syllabus based on competence measurement.

00 UETUniversiteti Europian i Tiranës held the selection procedure amongst students of Faculty of Economy and IT, participants of the "Best Business Idea" annual competition, within the framework of #Rebus Project lead by Univerzitet u Sarajevu. The selected students will have the chance to participate at the study trip in Graz, Austria and get further training on skills and competences. This project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission