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00 Student project presentation at University of East SarajevoStudents of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of East Sarajevo, presented their business plans within Erasmus+ project Rebus on June, 7th 2018. This is result of the three month training in the field of entrepreneurship. Elaboration of business ideas was performed in previouslly defined teams, where students earned new skills and competences in mentioned scientific area. Based on their work during all training and shown knowledge, trainers have selected 12 students for additional education at the University Duisburg - Essen.

01 New computer lab was equipped with REBUS hardware in SibSUTIS

10 laptops and 20 desktop computers were set in one of the classrooms of SibSUTIS Training Center. A new highly technical computer room will be used by the students trained on entrepreneurship courses within the frames of the REBUS project. And those lucky students, who are going to the practical training to Austria in September, will take new laptops to the University of Graz.

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On June 7, 2018, within the framework of REBUS certificates for the completion of the course of additional professional education "Digital Entrepreneurship" were awarded to the students of SibSUTIS. The course was focused on topics related to digital marketing, marketing in social networks, developing online stores and building communications in business using digital technologies. Materials for study were provided in English.

01 SC meeting in Palermo

The fourth REBUS project Steering Committee meeting was hosted by University of Palermo, during May 24-25. Project partners have repeatedly confirmed their commitment to the project with active participation in the meeting, whose topics varied from discussing content of face-to-face units (courses), contents of e-learning and self-learning units, potential student learning projects, to contents of expected students' visits to EU Universities.

00 Rebus first testRebus first test students who are candidates for training in Palermo was realized on June 25, 2018. The test was realized in office, which is equipped with computers through the Rebus project. The students are informed about criteria for the selection of candidates for training in Palermo. Criteria for selection are:

- knowledge shown on today's test

- Activities with training realized in the previous period as part of the Rebus project

- Activities on creating your own presentations

- Project development activities